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Here's some numbers for you:

  • Alive and kicking since March 2019
  • More than 2,400 happy carders and growing!

Card samples? That's right! We're interested in bulk sales and long-term business, given the volumes that we need to take care of (launder) and convert. It's just stupid that practically all other card shops and outfits are just a bunch of scammers. Go ask somebody else for a sample, have you? What did you hear back from them? Some lame-assed excuse. Well, we are interested in your long-term custom. No more no less.

Request a sample by sending equivalent of $150 (BTC 0.0023) to your session-specific details below:

Your Payment ID: 9A116792629E6
Bitcoin payment address: bc1qu9l0m7fl02f8maw3kx8ecuzuz7x7wf5whtp557


In return, you will receive:

  • → 2 pcs, 1 Visa, 1 MasterCard.
  • → Total balance not less than $175.
  • → 1 pcs Visa digital Gift Card ($30).
  • → The usual PIN code for ATM withdrawals, card details for online conversions.

After transferring, send an email to darkwebcards@protonmail.com quoting your reference number 9A116792629E6 along with the shipping address for your physical cards to get to. HINT Use a fake name but a real address!

You might ask: WHY IS THIS NOT FREE? Well, you want free? We dont think you can even "go fuck yourself for free" these days (hookers cost money irl, so does electricity) - there is a human factor here; we need to doube-make sure that we're sending you low-balance cards, this aside from the actual costs involved in the card itself, plus postage rates. All this takes time. Time is money. If you have a problem, please, by all means, knock someplace else. It's as busy as it gets without any freeloaders already.

More than 8,918 fulfilled orders.
That's a lot of happy carders!

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